Monday, April 25, 2016

Team Paradiso CrossFit Venice has qualified for the California Super Regional May 13-15. You can purchase tickets HERE.

We are holding a USAW sanctioned meet, the VBC Summer Classic, on Saturday May 7th. You can REGISTER HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.18.20 PM

Dutch completing one of his Master’s qualifier workouts this weekend


Banded ankle mobility (see video)
Stretch Forearms
Dead hang on bar :30


:20 relaxed bottom of squat (BOS)
:20 active hold (BOS)

:20 Push Up plank hold
:20 Pushups

:20 Jumping Squats
:20 Mountain Climbers


A. Find today’s heavy Front Squat double

B. Take 70% of the above Front Squat Double 3X3-3-3 :20 second hold in between 3’s

Notes: Spend ten minutes to work up to today’s heavy double on the front squat. Recommended percentages are 3X75, 3X80, 2X85, then two attempts at a heavy double.


15 minute AMRAP:
8 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups
200 meter Run

L1: 8 Push-Ups (Knee or banded), 10 ring rows
L2: 8 Piked HSPU’s on a box or bench, 10 banded pull-ups
Rx: As Written

Cool Down
Roll out Lats with a lacrosse ball (back of the armpit)
Stretch Hamstrings
Foam Roll IT bands

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