Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You missed the draft, but there is still time to get on a team (via random assignment) if you register now. HERE is where you can register (I’m lookin’ at you 5:30 crew)! 

We have special workouts for a local business at 7:30am/7pm at Venice on Thursday. If you can only make it to those classes, you may join but the WOD will be different! If you’d like to organize a group workout with your company LET US KNOW 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.24.35 PM

Max & Mike getting ready for some team #bearforceone domination in the Open!


Place wall ball on upper back and lift arms over head like keg drill to open thoracic spine. 30sec-1min
1min hold bottom of squat
Cat Stretch on wall to open shoulders


PVC Pipe Mobility 2min
3min AMRAP
5 bootstrappers (feet shoulder distance, squat down grab toes, lift hips while keeping chest down and hands on feet to stretch hamstrings)
5 burpee broad jumps
5 alternating lunges each leg 10 total


16 minutes, Every two minutes: 3 Full Hang Snatches, Building

Notes: These should be hang (anywhere above the knee), snatches where you attempt to catch the bar in the full squat. Level’s 1 and 2 May Power Snatch and then do an overhead squat. If you have extreme shoulder Mobility issues, or are very new, work on hang dumbbell snatches or focus on movement with just the bar.


15 Rounds of:
10 Wall Balls
2 Clean and Jerks

Notes: 20 minute time cut off:
L1: 10/8, DB Hang cleans to Push Jerk 20/15
L2: 14/10, 75/55
Rx: 20/14, 135/95
Rx+ 30/20, 225/155

Cool Down

Foam Roll Upper Back
Cat Stretch
Couch Stretch 1min each side

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