Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DEADLINE- Register for the CrossFit Open by Feb. 18th at 1pm to be drafted onto one of the Paradiso Teams, get 25% off your next retail purchase between now and March 28, get 10% off a power supply order, and be eligible to win prizes like 2 Nick’s Paleo Ice Age meals! HERE is where you can register, it is important that you do it now! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 6.59.04 PM



Mash Quads with Barbell 2min
2×10 calf raises
2×10 Knee outs with Band around knees bottom of squat


3 rounds:
6 Box Step Ups
5 Kipping swings
4 Good mornings with barbell
2 Strict press with Barbell


Odd: 5 Deadlifts, You choose the weight and climb in weight each set.
Even: 10 seated Dumbbell Strict Press – you choose the weight.


7 RFT:
7 Box Jumps
5/3 muscle ups
100 meter run

Notes: L1: BJ 20/16, 2X Burpee Ring Rows, KB 26/16 (do 5 Burpees, then 5 ring rows
each round)
L2: BJ 24/20, 2X Burpee pull-ups, KB 35/26
Rx: BJ: 30/24, 5/3 Muscle-ups, KB 70/53

Cool Down

Pigeon stretch on your box! 90sec each leg
Cat Stretch on your box
Hamstring stretch one leg on box

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