Sunday, December 13, 2015

We will be announcing the schedule for the new PCF University Classes in today’s weekly newsletter. This semester’s subjects include nutrition, handstand walking, prehab/mobility, running as a skill, and how to sleep better and reduce stress. Spots fill up quick so email us now to reserve your place in class!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.07.18 AM

Awesome turnout for the low country boil!


10 Scapular pushups
Monster Walks
Ext shoulder rotation


1 min each
Jumping Jacks
DB bent over row
Kip Swings



AMRAP 40min
Row 1000m
30 Push Ups
30 Squats
30 Pull ups
30 Sit Ups

Notes: Scale Pushups to use band around elbows or hips for assistance. Pull Ups can be modified to Ring Rows and Sit Ups are butterfly style with bottom of feet together, laying totally flat and finishing the movement with you touching your toes.

Cool Down

Couch Stretch
pigeon stretch
foam roll upper back

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