Monday, November 2, 2015

If you want to try your hand at an Olympic Weightlifting meet, we are hosting the first annual VBC Holiday Classic Weightlifting meet on Nov. 14. Register now!



Check your email for the Barbells for Boobs vs. Movember event Recap!


Ankle Mobility
Hip bridges x 10
Hip Extensions x 20


300m Row
1:00 hold bottom of squat
10 mountain climbers
10 samson stretch
10 jumping air squats
10 pushups


3×10 Bulgarian Split Squats, each leg

20 reps Back Squat

Notes: The Bulgarian split squat is meant to be a warmup and corrective strength exercise, not a maximal strength endeavor. Do a set at bodyweight and if you hit all the points of performance you may add weight. For the 20 rep back squat, if you missed last week warm up and do one set of 20 reps at 60%. If you did the 20 reps last week, add 5-10 pounds based on feel, but remember we will be continuing to add weight each week for another 5 weeks!


For time:
1k Row Buy in
Push Press
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
800m Run Cash out

Notes: RX barbell is 115/75 RX+ is 135/95. Scale the weight as needed. In a big class that doesn’t have enough rowers, have half the class start on row and half on run.

Cool Down

2 rounds
:30 calf stretch each side
:30 arch hold
:30 cat stretch

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