Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You can get a great workout and have fun for a good cause before your Halloween festivities! Join us during the day October 31st for the Barbells for Boobs vs. Movember event that will include the workout “Grace” (30 clean and jerks). Even if you can’t make it, you can participate by donating to these great causes. Click Here for more information!

You can pre-order your Barbells4Boobs vs.

Movember shirts by emailing The cost is and proceeds go to your respective charity!


Keg Drill
Tricep smash
Super Rack Stretch
Upside down kettlebell carry 50’ ea. arm


1:00 Plank in pushup position
25 russian KB swings
10 toes to KB laying on back KB overhead


In 15 minutes:
4×6 Single Arm Overhead Press
3×12 Bent lateral Raises

Notes: Start each rep of the single arm overhead press from a dead stop in the bottom of the rack position. Hold the weight in a stable overhead position for a full 1 count before lowering the weight. For the bent lateral raises, focus on retracting the shoulder blades. Next week, we will begin bench pressing as well.


3 Minutes Max Pistol Squats
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes Max Ring Dips
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes Max L-Sit hold
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes Max Handstand Hold
Rest 2 Minutes

Notes: Score each round separately. L-sit and handstand are cumulative. We will be retesting your capacity in each of these movements in 8 weeks. Give each your best, take note of your standards/scaling, and see how much you improve! If you cannot perform pistol squats, scale to using heel raise, band across rack, or whatever you need to get reps in. You may scale ring dips to a box with dumbbells, parallel bars (at venice), or bench dips. If you cannot perform an L-sit on parallettes, perform a tuck sit, or seated pike leg raise hold. If you cannot perform handstand, either max hold in feet elevated pike position or plank on hands.

Cool Down

Wrist Stretch
Foam Roll Lats/Thoracic Spine
Wall Extensions x 10

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