Thursday, October 15, 2015


If you want to recover from a hard week of high intensity exercise, head out to swim night tonight at 730pm where our expert coaches will help you swim more comfortably. There are only 3 more classes this season so don’t miss out! Location is Culver City Plunge 4175 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230.

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Down Dog Ankle stretch
Lat Activations
Wrist Mobility


2 minutes Double Under practice
30 sec Hollow Hold with PVC
30 sec Arch Hold with PVC
30 sec Handstand Hold
Snatch warmup


15 minutes to introduce ring muscle­up transition progressions:

On low rings with band:
2nd kip/Hollow to arch
Transition from arch
Dip Balance Transition
Muscle ups on high rings

Notes: If you do not yet have the strength to perform strict pull ups and dips, you will not have the prerequisite strength to perform a muscle up. This should be your priority while also addressing the body positions in the transition progression today! Everybody should work through the progression until they reach a level of incompetence with the movement at which point they should continue to practice there. Experienced athletes, don’t burn out on muscle ups for Amanda, dial in your technique so you are moving more efficiently!



Muscle Up
-15 minute cap-

Notes: RX is 95/65 and chest to bar pull ups. RX+ is 135/95 and muscle ups. Athletes may continue to work on repetitions at the most advanced level of the muscle up progression that they reached in strength portion. Newer athletes will perform hang power snatches. If there are not enough high rings run two heats for advanced athletes.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Thoracic Spine
Theraband Routine
Cat Stretch

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