Friday, October 2, 2015

Everybody is invited to participate in the PCF world championships tomorrow (Saturday).

Whether you put an empty barbell over your head or complete the beach cruiser triathalon you can contribute! Stop by anytime between 11 and 4 to participate, or hang out all day! 

Pre-registration for the PCF World Championship events are closed and heat times are posted for the Chipper, EMOM, and teams for tug of war

If you cannot make it to the World Championships, we still want to see you at the Anniversary party, 8pm at Brakeman’s Brewery!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.37.51 PM

Courtney (Team Venice) and Baldo (Team MDR) practicing for the Beach Cruiser Triathalon at swim night!


20 Lat Activation
Hollow Hold :30s
Foam Roll Upper Back/Shouldersd the top foot maintains contact with the wall and moves at the same tempo throughout.


Find a Partner
P1- row 500m
P2- AMRAP until P1 is done
10 scapular pushups
8 V-ups
6 jumping squats
4 kip swings


Take 15 minutes to establish a heavy 3 reps on bench press

Notes: Partner up on the benches and build up to a heavy set for the day. Be sure to take a few warm up sets.

2 minutes rest between sets.

Partner Conditioning

“Pet Rock”
1500m row buy in (alternating each 250m)
100 Push ups
80 Hollow rocks
60 Toes to bar
40 Ring Dips
20 Strict pullups or ring rows
1500m row cash out (alternating each 250m)

Notes: One partner works while the other takes care of the pet rock. The pet rock is a blue kettlebell. The pet rock does not like to be dropped. If it touches the ground each partner must complete 10 burpees before moving on. You may hold the pet rock any way you like EXCEPT you cannot lie down or sit down with the pet rock on top of you! You may use bands for the push ups/pull ups/ring dips. Sub hanging knee raises for toes to bar. Sub tucked rocks for hollow rocks.

Cool Down

Stretch Hamstrings 1:00 each side
Cat Stretch 1:00
20 Arch Rocks

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