Saturday, September 26, 2015

Get outside and enjoy what is left of summer, join us for Beach WOD at 10am in Venice where Rose meets the boardwalk. Just look for our sign!



20 Reverse snow angels
15 side plank leg raise against wall
Accumulate :60 hanging l-sit or tuck sit


Run 400m
Wrist stretches, 10 each direction
Dislocates w/ weighted bar
Undergrip dislocates w/ weighted bar
10 perfect plank push up
10 Pike handstand pushups


10 minutes to practice Freestanding Handstand progressions:
-45 degree Handstand Hold with hands on the wall
-45 degree Handstand Hold with feet on the wall
-Handstand Hold facing the wall with wrists 3” from wall
-Practice kicking up with control
-Practice kicking up in free space with a spotter
-Practice with no spotter!

Notes: Remember before you move to free space, you should prioritize building a strong foundation in position.

The most common mistake we see is that people kick up in free space and their body is loose and legs are all over the place. When you kick up you need to focus on creating that same tight position that you practice against the wall!

Partner Conditioning

In Partners of 3 (Relay Style)
4 rounds
100m Kettlebell Farmers Carry
10 DB Snatch (5 right, 5 left)
10 Burpees
200m Run

Notes: RX weight is for the KBs are 70/55 (each hand), DB snatch is 50lbs. One partner working at a time. Partner one begins on the farmer’s carry and when all 3 partners have finished, partner one begins the DB snatch…

So on and so forth till workout is done.

This means you should be sprinting through each work set!

Cool Down

Partner pike stretch
Partner “butterfly” stretch
Partner “straddle” stretch

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