Friday, September 25, 2015

Ask a coach about how you can support your gym in the PCF World Championship, the annual competition between Marina Del Rey and Venice at Muscle Beach!

Ankle mobility is integral to getting deep in the squat with an upright torso.

Add some of these mobilizations to your prehab to improve your squat!


Ankle mobility w/ band distraction 2:00 each side
Keg drill, 2:00
15 Wall squats with a theraband around the knees


2 minutes double under practice
Warm up overhead position
10 PVC overhead squats
10 barbell overhead squats
10 Jumping good mornings
10 Hang snatch extensions
5 Hang Power snatch
5 Power Snatch


5×3 Overhead Squats (this week add 5-10 pounds from 4 weeks ago)

Notes: Notes: Warmup and perform 5 working sets, starting around 65% and building up to your max for the day. Rest about 2 minutes between sets. Maintain straight posture as you lower yourself down. Prioritize shoulder position over depth and use a PVC or light weight to focus on improving position.

Good mobility drills to help are keg drill, ankle mobility and wall squats with a theraband around the knees.


15 min AMRAP
5 Power Snatch
10 Hand Release Push Up
20 Double Under

Notes: RX weight is 115/75 for the Power Snatch. If you need to scale the pushups use a band and focus on maintaining a tight midline through the full range of motion. If you cannot perform Double Under please practice for 30 Seconds.

Cool Down

Hang from bar :60
Cat Stretch :60
Calf stretch :60 each
Calf raises x 10 each

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