Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day Weekend!  Join us for our weekly community beach workout today at 10am where Rose Ave hits the ocean walk.

Join Coach Josh Squyres from 10:30-Noon today for barbell work!

Limited schedule due to the holiday, be sure to check Wodify and bring your friends to the “Hidalgo” workout on Monday!

Jessica doing beach sprints!


Cat Stretch x :30
Posterior Chain Flossing x :60
Pigeon Stretch x :60


Jog 400 meters
Bear Crawl 100′
20 Walking Lunges
3 Inchworms with pushup
3 Inchworms to extended Hollow


Spend about 10 minutes working on Freestanding Handstand Progressions:
-Facing the Wall with body at 30 degree angle x :60
-Nose and Toes hold facing the wall x :60
-Kickup practice against wall, don’t let your feet smash into the wall
-Kickup practice in free space with spotter

Partner Conditioning

Station 1: Row for calories
Station 2: 3 Clean & Jerks,  6 Front Rack Reverse Lunges, 9 Shoulder to Overhead

Notes: RX+ is 135/95 lbs and RX is 95/65 lbs.  Partners may switch when one finishes a full round at station 2.  Athletes may perform more than one round at station 2, but the score is total calories on the row.  If all rowers are full, please run 200m. The total amount of meters will be scored.

Cool Down

Foam Roll x 5 minutes
Pigeon Stretch x 2 minutes
Wall Extensions, 2×10

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