Saturday, August 29, 2015

Join us for the FREE Beach Workout at 10am at Rose and the beach!  Bring your friends!

New VBC class with Coach Josh Squyres at Venice from 10:30-Noon today!



Theraband Routine x 15 each
Scapula Pushups, 2×15
Foam Roll x 5 min

Partner Warmup

One rows while the other jogs 200 meters, then switch
One holds a Handstand or Plank while the other performs 10 Burpees
One holds the bottom of a squat while the other Bear Crawls 100′


Handstand Push Ups Progression Drills:
-Handstand Hold facing wall
-Kickup to Handstand with control
-Pike Handstand Pushups with feet on floor
-Pike Handstand Pushups with feet on box
-Partial Range of motion strict Handstand Pushups on Wall

Notes: Spend 10-12 minutes performing 5 rounds of the above progressions.  Focus on form and technique throughout all the skills and drills.

Advanced athletes please perform 5 rounds of 6 handstand pushups kip or strict to the deepest position possible.


Fight Gone EVIL!

3 Rounds, 1 min per Station:
Power Cleans
Box Jump
Row (Calories)

Notes:  The RX weight for the Power Cleans and Push Press (95/65lbs), the box jump height is 20″ for both male and female.  This is not a partner workout btw:)

Cool Down

Theraband Routine again!
Pike stretch x 2 minutes
Straddle stretch x 2 minutes

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