Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tommy Pitt:  2013 PCF World Championship Handstand Winner


Down Dog Ankle Stretch x 20
Cat Stretch x 10 reps
Leg Swings x 10 each direction
Sampson Stretch x :30


Row 200 meters
100′ Bear Crawl
100′ Ape Walk
100′ Duck Walk

Review and setup movements


Buy In: 50 Weighted Sit Ups

800m Row
40 Burpee
10 DB Push Press
600m Row
30 Burpee
20 DB Push Press
400m Row
20 Burpee
30 DB Push Press
200m run
10 Burpee
40 DB Push Press
Buy Out: 50 Weighted Sit Ups

Notes: Rx is 50/35 DBs for the push press and using one of the same weighted DBs for the situps.  Make sure to fully extend the hips on the burpees and lockout the push press on every rep!

Cool Down

2 rounds:
Theraband circles x 15 each direction
Hip Mobility x :60

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