Friday, August 14, 2015

Today is the last official EIE Challenge Testing Day!  Today is all about the prehab and mobility as we test a few accessory movements and the infamous overhead squat.  Check below for all the details and remember that you can makeup any tests that you missed over the coming days!

If you still haven’t signed up, today is your last day!  Click to commit now:  NutritionMobilityBarbell StrengthGymnastics.

Remember to join us and bring your friends for the FREE Saturday Beach workout where Rose Ave hits the beach at 10am!


TEST 7:  Attempt to perform 20 reps of Reverse Snow Angels with 5/2.5lb plates

TEST 8:  Attempt to perform 2o reps each side of Side Plank Leg Raises against the wall

Notes:   Check out the videos for the standards and setup.  Rx for the snow angels is 5lbs for men and 2.5lbs for women, but scale down the weight if needed.

 Rx for the side plank is on the hand, but feel free to scale down to elbow if needed.

 Improve at these drills and improve at the overhead squats below!


TEST 9:  Take about 20-25 minutes to establish a 3 Rep max Overhead Squat

Notes:  This is the final EIE Test of the week!  This is a challenging movement that is as much of a strength test as it is about mobility.  If you cannot perform this movement to full depth with proper position, you should signup for the Mobility challenge and homework!  Work on shoulder position and getting below parallel before adding weight.  For those with above average mobility, some people prefer a narrower than snatch grip for greater shoulder stability.  Focus on good form and technique work up to a workable 3 reps and see how much you can improve over the next 8 weeks.  



Box Jump
Wall Ball

Notes: This is not an official EIE Test!  Rx is 20/14 and 24/20inch box. You will go up one ladder and down another.

Example 1 Box Jump and 10 Wall Balls, 2 Box Jumps and 9 Wall Balls….

Cool Down

Couch Stretch x :90
Straddle Stretch x :90
Calf Stretch x :60
German Stretch x :30

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