Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We have surpassed the 125 person mark for the challenge!

 If you haven’t checked out the signup form yet, click HERE.  It literally takes less than 60 seconds, does not require any specific goals or obligations…

only the desire to improve!

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This is actually really hard!


Down Dog Calf Stretch x 30 reps
Side Plank Leg Raises, 2×10 reps
Scapula Pushups, 2×15 reps
Cat Stretch x 15 reps


2 Rounds:
PVC Dislocates x 10 reps
PVC Overhead Squats x 10 reps, slow
Arch Hold with PVC x :30
Hip Mobility of Choice x :60

Notes:  For the arch hold, arms in pressing position, keep the chin tucked and pull the arms as high as possible.  Keep the feet together with arms and legs straight.  (check out the pic:)


Strict Press – Work up to a heavy 2

Notes:  Remember do not use legs. Keep legs locked, squeeze your butt and keep mid section tight as you press bar overhead.


3 Rounds:
Row 500m
12 Deadlift
21 Box Jumps

Notes:  Rx is body weight deadlifts and the box height is 24/20inches. Please scale accordingly if you cannot perform the workout with these weights. Please Run if there are not enough rowers.

Cool Down

Jog 400 meters, slow
Calf Stretch x :60 each
Sampson Stretch x :60 each
Pigeon Stretch x :60 each

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