Thursday, July 30, 2015

We are up to 86 people in the EIE Challenge!  Take 60 seconds to fill out THIS FORM and commit to learning more about your goals.  If you are still on the fence or aren’t quite sure what this challenge is all about, thats ok, because we haven’t released that much information and it doesn’t officially start until 8/10.  

Suver practicing her headstand


Cat Stretch x 1 minute
Theraband Routine x 15 reps each
Sampson Stretch x :30 each
Neck Mobility and Shoulder Shrugs


Jog 200 meters
Side Plank x :30 each side
3 Wall Walks, hold for :15 on last rep


Press: EMOM for 8 min 5 Strict Press

Notes:  Every min on the minute for 8 min perform 5 strict presses. Remember do not use legs. Keep legs locked, squeeze your butt and keep mid section tight as you press bar overhead. You may go up in weight each round but please beware of making too big of a jump. If you go to failure, decrease the weight and continue until the end.


6 rounds for time:
400m run
12 KB Swings
12 Pull ups
12 Box Jumps
-25 min cap-

Notes:  RX+ is 70/55 and Chest to Bar Pull Ups.  Rx is 55/35 and regular pull-ups.  Box Height is 24/20 for both.

Cool Down

Wall Extensions, 2×10 reps
Calf Stretch x :60 each
Plow Stretch x 2 minutes
Foam Roll Lats, Glutes and Calves x 5 minutes

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