Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beach workouts will be at 10am on Saturday and are FREE for all!  We will be meeting where Rose hits the beach.  Feel free to take your bike down and meet there or park at the gym early and walk/jog over.


Fire Hydrants, 10 each direction
Downdog calf stretch, 20x
Samson stretch, 30 seconds each
Overhead band distraction, 30 seconds each
20 Scapula Push ups


Jog 200 meters
10 Burpees
10 Double unders
10 Sit ups
10 Double unders
10 Tuck ups
10 Double unders

Go over Movements and structure for the Workout


600M Run (400m+200m meter)
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
20 Toes to Bar
30 Shoulder to Overhead
40 KettleBell Swings
50 Double Unders.
Rest 3 MINS
6 min AMRAP
Then complete for time

Notes: This Workout is like 3 workouts in one.  You will start trying to get as far as you can in 4 mins through the AMRAP. You will then rest 3 mins. You will then start at the beginning and try and get as far as you can in 6 minutes. If you reach the end you will start over. You will then rest 3 minutes. The last portion you will complete for time. The RX + weight for the Shoulder to Overhead is 115/75, RX is 75/55lbs. RX+ for the Kettlebell Weight is 32/24kg, RX is 24/20kg. If these weights are too heavy please scale properly.If you cannot perform Toes to Bar please do tuck ups or v-ups. The double under scale option is 150 singles.  Please score your time for the last workout.

Cool down:

Roll out calves, quads, IT Band
10 Wall extensions

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