Thursday, July 9, 2015

We will be hosting a “Pre Game” before the week of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. Food, Beer, Workouts and fun. More details to come.


Wrist mobility, 1-2 minutes
Monster walks, 10 each direction
15-20 Scapula Push ups
5 Inchworm to Hollow


50 ft Bear crawl
10 Wall squats
10 Push ups
10 Handstand Kick ups against wall
5 Burpees


Spend 12 minutes working on Handstand Push Up Progressions.  Perform 5 rounds of 4-6 reps, working up to your hardest variation.

Regular Pushups
Pike Pushups
Pike Pushups with feet on box
Kickup to Handstand
Handstand Pushup with partial Range of motion
Negative Handstand Pushup
Handstand Pushup
Deficit Handstand Pushup

Notes: Focus on form and technique throughout all the skills and drills.  


EMOM: 20 minutes
Even: 1 Power clean + 1 Front squat + 1 Jerk
Odd: 15 Wallballs

Notes:  Please start at a moderate weight and add weight after each round working up to a heavy set. The wall ball weight is 20/14lbs.

Cool down:

Pigeon stretch, 1 minute each
Calf raises, 15 each
20 PVC Dislocates
Straddle, 1 minute

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