Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Check out one of our Specialty Classes this week:  Swim, FightFit, FastFit, VBC or Beach workout!


Bottom of the Squat x 2 minutes
Side Plank leg raises x 10 each
Super Rack stretch x :30 each
Pigeon Stretch x :30 each

Partner Warmup

One person rows 250m while the other holds plank on forearms
Junkyard Dog warmup x 5 reps each position
One person bear crawls 100′ while the other hangs on the pull-up bar


Spend 10-12 minutes working on Pistol Progression Drills:
Deck Squats
Roll to Pistols
Pistol on Box – partial ROM
Pistols with Band – full ROM
Unassisted – full ROM
Weighted KB in Front Rack
Weighted Overhead barbell

Notes: Perform 5 rounds of 3-5 reps on each leg, working up to the hardest variation possible with perfect form.  Use a blue pad to assist on the deck squats and rolls.


250m Row
20 Power Cleans
20 Toes to Bar
500m Row
15 Power Cleans
15 Toes to Bar
1000m Row
10 Power Cleans
10 Toes to Bar

Notes: The Rx weight for the Power Cleans is 95/65 lbs. The RX+ is 135/95lbs. If both of those weights are too heavy please scale down accordingly. If you cannot perform toes to bar please substitute v-ups. If there are not enough rowers please sub for runs, 200M, 400m run, 800m.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
Pike/Straddle Leg Lifts x 10 reps each
Sampson Stretch x :60 each
Wall Extensions x 10 reps

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