April 28

Tuesday, April 28


Wrist mobility x 1 minute
Side Plank Leg Raises, 2×10 reps
Bottom of the Squat and Ankle Mobility x 2 minutes
Scapula Push ups, 2×15 reps
Down Dog Calf Stretch x 20 reps


Double Under practice x 2 minutes
Hollow Hold x 30 sec
Arch Hold x 30 sec
Wall Squats x 15 reps
Practice Tripod and Frogstands variations x 5 minutes

Notes:  Easiest to hardest is tripod, frogstand, advanced frog stand, tuck planche.  Turn your wrists out 45 degrees if needed to reduce pressure.


Back Squats 8 x 2 reps, rest 60-90 seconds

Notes:  This is our first week back to regular back squats, so lets focus on good position over weight.  Start with the same weight you finished with last week and build up to a max for the day.

 Our feet will be narrower and we will be squatting in the more classic upright position again, but be sure to push those hips back, maintain tension in those hamstrings and glutes to utilize our newly developed strength!  Next week we will be retesting our back squat.



5 rounds for time of:
30 Double Unders
20 Second L-sit hold
400 meter Run
30 Second Hang from pullup bar
-18 min cap-

Notes:  Prescribed is feet above 2x45lb plates and the times are cumulative.  Scale the double unders to 90 singles or :30 of attempts.  Scale the L-sit to a tuck or seated pike leg raise.

 Grip for the hang can be anyway.

Cool Down

Couch Stretch x 60 seconds each
Calf Stretch x 60 seconds each
Wall Extensions, 2×10 reps
PVC Dislocates, 2×10 reps
Pigeon Stretch x 60 seconds each

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