April 11

Saturday, April 11

Bonnie!  (photo credit Pat Sheridan)


Monster walks, 10 each direction
10 Banded squats
Tricep smash, 30 second each
15-20 Reverse Snow Angels
Downdog ankle stretch, 20x
Foam roll IT band, lats


30 Mountain Climbers
20 Walking Lunges
:30 sec Plank hold
15 Tuck ups
15 Arch ups
15 Pushups
15 Squats

Cool Down

Calf stretch, 30 seconds
10 Wall extensions
Pigeon stretch, 1 minute each


Fitness and Advanced Strength

Alternate every minute for 14 minutes:
Even: Pause Front Squat with bounce x 2 reps
Odd: 5 Strict Ring Dips with pause

Notes: For the squats, start around 50% and build up to a max for the day. Each rep will be a 2 second pause in the rock bottom position.

Prioritize perfect form and maintaining your lumbar arch.

For the dips, hold for a full second in the top and bottom position. Feel free to add weight or use a band.

Partner Conditioning

For Max total reps:
3 mins of Row for Calories
3 mins of Burpees over partner in forearm plank
3 mins of Double Unders (every 4 dus equals 1 rep)
2 mins of Row for Calories
2 mins of Burpees over partner in forearm plank
2 mins of Double Unders
1 min of Row for Calories
1 min of Burpees over partner in forearm plank
1 min of Double Unders

Notes: Teams of 2, one partner working at a time. If the partner can no longer hold a plank position, switch sides or take a rest.

Scale the doubles to singles if needed and score every 10 singles as a rep.

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