March 28

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Monster walks, 10 each direction
10 Banded squats
Tricep smash, 30 second each
15-20 Reverse Snow Angels
Downdog ankle stretch, 20x
Foam roll IT band, lats


Row 500 meters
With a barbell:
:30 seconds lateral hops over bar
10 Good mornings
5 Pause Front squats
5 Push press
5 Thrusters
:30 seconds lateral hops over bar

Cool down:

50 Abmat sit ups
Cobra stretch, 30 seconds
Calf stretch, 30 seconds each
Couch stretch, 30 seconds each

Fitness and Advanced Strength

Every minute for 15 minutes:
Minute 1:  5 Front Squats
Minute 2:  5 Strict Chinups
Minute 3:  15 Pushups

Notes:  Work up to the heaviest weight possible for the front squats.  Add weight if needed for the pullups, scale with negatives if needed.

 Perform negatives with hands facing towards you, jump and hold chin above bar for one second, lower down in 3-5 seconds to full extension, then jump back to the top for the next rep.  Scale the pushup angle as needed to maintain good form and the ability to be explosive on the way up.

Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

2 Rounds:
3 minute AMRAP, each partner:
8 Lateral Box Jump Overs
4 Double KB Thrusters – hands must be below chin when squatting

2 minute AMRAP, each partner:
Calories on the Rower

Notes:  Prescribed is 24”/20” and 55/35 Kbs.  Scale the weight and height to allow for near continual movement.

 The box jumps should be bounding style with a slight tap on top of the box, go down to a bumper plate if needed.  Sub DBs if needed for the thrusters.  The setup is one person working at a time with each partner performing the 3 min amrap, then directly into each performing the 2 min amrap, then they perform that whole sequence for two rounds.  The entire workout takes 20 minutes.


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