March 25

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The last Friday Night Lights is this Friday!  Afterwards we will be heading to Dave and Busters in Westchester for some fun and games.


Jog 400 meters
Wrist mobility
Overhead band distraction, 1 minute each
Leg swings 10 each direction
10 PVC Dislocates
10 Jumping Good mornings
10 PVC Overhead squats
Hold bottom of Overhead Squat, :30 seconds
With a barbell:
5 Good Mornings
5 Behind the neck Push press
5 Snatch High Pulls
5 Hang Power Snatch
5 Overhead Squats
3x 3 Position Snatch

Cool down:

8-10 Hanging Knee Raises
:45 second plank hold
:30 second Side Plank hold

Fitness Strength

6 Rounds:
5 Overhead Squats
5 Broad Jumps as far as possible

Notes:  Start light and work up to a slightly heavier weight than last week.  Perform the broad jumps immediately after the squats, with a focus on opening your hips explosively and a quality landing.

 If you cannot perform a full depth overhead squat with proper depth, perform sets of 10 reps to your best overhead squat depth and focus on improving over time.

Advanced Strength

6 sets of 3 Position Snatch x 2 reps

Notes:  The positions will be high hang, knees and floor.  Perform 2 of these back to back, ideally to a full squat.  That means 6 snatches!  Start around 50% and work up to around 75%.  The bar may be reset quickly at any time.

Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

Tabata Kettlebell Swings
800 meter run

Notes:  Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds (4 minutes).  Your score will be your run time minus the total number of reps performed in seconds.  For example, if I run a 3:00 and I perform 59 total reps, my score would be 2:01.


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