Classic Crossfit Moves | Box Squat Technique


This is a demonstration of a squat variation called a “box squat.” The reason for this movement is to get you to load the glutes and hamstrings when you initiate a squat.

Start with light weight and set up your box or bench so the hip is just below the knee when in the squat position (You may have to start higher depending on the movement and mobility in your hips).

Stance will be a little bit wider than the normal squat and the toes are slightly more flared out. Hips go back first, reaching back with the weight on your heels. Stay tight at the bottoms with your shins almost vertical. Rest for about a second and then explode up as fast as you can, driving from the heels and pushing your knees out. Keep your belly squeezed tight and your lumbar arch intact.

Avoid relaxing at the bottom or “plopping” on to the box.

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