February 21

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Monster walks, 10 each direction
10 Banded squats
Overhead band distraction, 1 minute each
Hip extension with band, 1 minute each
Downdog calf stretch, 20x


Jog 400 meters
20 Walking lunges
15 Sit ups
10 Ring rows
10 Goblet squats
10 KB Swings

Cool down:

Reverse plank hold, 30 seconds
Downdog calf stretch, 20x
Pigeon, 2 minutes each

Fitness Strength

Back Squat 5×3

Notes:  Build up over each set to your heaviest set of 3 reps.  Rest no more than 2:30 between sets.  New athletes should focus on quality over load and use a box if needed to ensure quality depth and form.  Experienced athletes should attempt to perform around 85%.

Advanced Strength

Back Squat:
3 reps @ 75%
2 reps @ 85%
1 rep @ 95%
Walkout at 105-110% (optional)
1 rep @ 101+%
Rest 2:30-3:00 between sets

Notes:  If you PRd last week, you can perform 5×3 heavy sets around 85% of your new 1RM.  Remember, you cannot PR on any given day.  Be sure to pioritize safety and quality above all else!  Let anyone around you know that you might bail the bar or ask for spotters as needed.  If you opt for the walkout, set up exactly the same as a squat, stand up with the bar on your back for 5 seconds, then rerack the bar.  Rest 2-3 minutes and then go for your 1 rep max.   Some people like this stimulus, others don’t find it necessary.  Up to you!

Team Conditioning

“Double Helen”
3 Rounds:
800m run
42 kettlebell swings
24 pullups
-22 min cap-

Notes:  The prescribed weight is 55/35 kbs.  Both athletes will run the 800 meters together but only one person working at a time on the swings and pullups, partitioning the reps however you would like.  Try to partner up with someone of similar running capacity and/or scale down the run distances to try and make the time cap.  New athletes and those with overhead mobility issues should perform russian swings and ring rows as needed.


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