February 11

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

PCFU Gymnastics Class at Venice tonight at 8pm!


Posterior chain flossing, 30 seconds per side
30 seconds Bar taps
5 Inchworms
Samson stretch, 30 seconds each
Super rack stretch, 30 seconds each


Jog 400 meters
10 Pike sit ups
10 Deck squats
10 Good mornings
10 Deadlifts or 5 Hang Squat Cleans

Cool down:

Foam roll quads, glutes, IT band
German hang, 30 seconds
Cobra stretch, 30 seconds

Fitness Strength

Deadlifts at the following reps:  10-6-8-6-4

Recommended:  65%-75%-80%-85%-95%

Notes:  If you do not have percentages, build off last week.  If the coach establishes that you do not have a quality bottom position, you will perform a Romanian style Deadlift starting on boxes or a rack.  This goes for everyone no matter your experience!

 Take time to improve and perfect this position and you will get better at all movement.

Advanced Strength

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:  Clean x 1 rep

Notes:  Start around 60% and build up to your heaviest rep for the day.  Have some plates ready on the side to add before starting.  These should be squat cleans.

Fitness Conditioning

6 rounds for time:
6 Parallette Facing Burpees
100 meter Med ball carry
10 Situp to Stands – DEMO
10 Calorie Row
-20 min cap-

Notes:  Prescribed is 20/14 medball and both feet jumping and landing at the same time in the burpee.  If the situp to standup is challenging, perform is lying on a folded up blue mat so your feet are lower than your body.

 You may also use your hands to help if needed.

Advanced Conditioning

6 rounds for time:
6 Bar Muscleups
100 meter Med Ball Carry (20/14)
6 Inverted Burpees
10 Calorie Row
-20 min cap-

Notes:  Scale the bar mus with a band or jumping if needed.

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