Friday, January 16, 2015


Ankle mobility
Theraband routine
Banded super rack stretch


1 minute single unders
Rest 30 seconds
1 minute Double under practice
15 Pike sit ups
5 Press
5 Push Press
5 Push Jerk
5 Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk

Cool down:

Pigeon stretch, 2 minutes per
Overhead band distraction, 1 minute
Calf stretch

Fitness Strength

20 minutes to perform 4-5 rounds:
Push Press x 5 reps
Ball ups x 8-10 reps

Notes:  Build up to the heaviest set possible for the push press, focus on a quality dip, drive and lockout.  For the Ball up, show control up and down.  If you cannot perform the full range of motion try swinging to the top and doing a negative.

Advanced Strength

20 minutes to establish 1 rep max Push Press and 1 rep max Jerk

Notes:  Rest as needed between attempts.  For both movements, practice a good dip/drive position before loading up too heavy.

 Prioritize good footwork on the Jerk.  If you have a poor front rack position, spend extra time in your warmup, cool down and active recovery time to improve that position.

CrossFit Games Open 11.1/14.1

10 minute Amrap:
30 Double Unders
15 Ground to Overhead (75/55)

Notes:  Prescribed is a power snatch or clean and jerk.  Athletes over 55 years old are prescribed at 65/45.  If you cannot perform Double Unders yet, scale to :45 of max effort singles or practicing doubles.

 New Athletes may use Dbs if needed for the ground to overhead.

The champ, Sam Briggs. 14.1.

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