Deadlift Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Day of PCFU Gymnastics Class at Venice tonight!  Contact us to see if there is still room available.  Learn to master basic bodyweight movements like Handstands, pushups and pullups in a safe and fun environment for any skill level.  You will have increased body awareness, improved joints strength and mobility and will create a foundation for more challenging and fun bodyweight exercises in the future.


Posterior Chain flossing
10-15 Light Good mornings
Barbell assisted squat, 2×60 seconds
Super Rack stretch


Jog 400 meters
5 Inchworms
5 Burpees
10 Stiff legged Deadlift
10 Hang Power Clean
5 Front Squat

Cool down:

50 Abmat Sit ups
Cobra stretch
Pike stretch

Fitness Strength

Deadlifts at the following reps:  10-10-10-8-6

Recommended:  50%-60%-65%-75%-80%

Notes: Do not go above these percentages, even if the weight feels light.  If you do not have percentages, build off last week.  If the coach establishes that you do not have a quality bottom position, you will perform a Romanian style Deadlift starting on boxes or a rack.  The point is to lower down only as far as you can maintain a solid midline position.  Over time this will act as a stretch and you will make it to the ground.  This goes for everyone no matter your experience!  Take time to improve and perfect this position and you will get better at all movement.

Advanced Strength

5 sets of Halting Clean Deadlift + Hang Clean + Clean and Jerk

Notes:  Hold the DL position just below the knees for 2 seconds.  You may drop the bar before performing the final clean and jerk.  These should all be full squat cleans.

Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes:
6 Parallette Facing Burpees
Run 200 meters

Notes:  Prescribed is body parallel to the parallette and two footed jump over.  Each round will be scored for time.  Scale the burpees and run distance as needed to get at least 30 seconds rest each round.

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