New Year’s Eve!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No evening classes today!


Front Rack Band Stretch, 1 minute each
Seated Wall Extensions x 15

Warm Up

Run 400m
15 Jumping Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 Front Squats
10 Muscle Cleans
10 Tuck Ups

Cool Down

Calf Stretch, 1 minute each
Straddle Stretch, 2 minutes
Active Hang, 1 minute

Fitness Strength

20 minutes to perform 4-5 sets of:

5 Hang Muscle Clean
5 Strict Leg Raise to Inverted on Rings – DEMO

Notes:  For the clean, prioritize good contact at the upper thigh and keeping the bar close to your body as your finish aggressively in the front rack position.  If you cannot hold a quality front rack position, be sure to add mobility work to your daily routine!  For the ring work, prioritize control up and down with straight arms and ideally straight legs.  Scale by bending your knees and rolling up and down in a ball position, use a spotter if possible or perform knee raises as high as possible.  If you want a harder version, perform this on a straight bar.

Advanced Strength

20 minutes to perform a max of the complex:  Clean plus Clean below the knee

Notes:  These should both be full cleans.  Hold onto the bar for both reps for as long as you can.  If you drop it, for the second rep, pick it up and pause with the bar about 2” off the ground before performing the next rep.

Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

Three rounds for time of:

Run 400 Meters

15 Box Jump-Overs

10 Front Squats

-15 min cap-

Notes:  Prescribed is 185/135 for advanced and 135/95 for fitness with 24”/20” box.  Newer athletes may perform goblet squats if needed.


Happy New Years to everyone in the Paradiso CrossFit community. Have fun, be safe, and get ready for next year!

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