Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Seated Leg Raises, Straddle/Pike
Calf Raises, 10 each side
Plank, 1 minute

Warm Up

Run 200m
10 Pike Sit Ups
10 T Push Ups
10 Jumping Squats
20 Arch Rocks
Double Unders, 1 minute

Cool Down

Plank, 2 minutes
Side Plank, 1 minute each side


Fitness and Advanced


20 minutes or 3-4 rounds

Bench Press x 6-8 reps

Hip Extensions x 10-15 reps with 2 second pause at top

Notes:  If you did this last week, see if you can perform the same weight as last week for more reps.  If it is your first time, work up to your 6 rep max for the day.  Add weight to the hip extensions if you can perform all 15 reps with the pause.



Every four minutes, for 24 minutes (6 sets) of:

Row 250 Meters

30 Double-Unders

15 Wall Balls

200 meter run

Notes:  Score your time to finish each round.  Scale down the distances or reps to make sure you get at least 30 seconds rest between sets.  Scale the double unders to :45  of effort or 90 singles

This video contains a lot of colorful language, some marijuana use, and some recent rap history. Overall it is worth the watch – especially if you like Rick Ross and/or CrossFit.

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