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 Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club

The Sudells!



Wrist and Ankle Mobility x 60 seconds each
Foam Roll Legs x 90 seconds each
Cat Stretch x 60 seconds
Sampson Stretch x 60 seconds
Wall Squats, 2×15 reps


Jog 200 meters
One legged hop 50′ each leg
Bear Crawl 100′
Jog 200 meters
Overhead lunge 50′ with plate
Split up into Fitness and Strength for more specific warmup and movement review

Cool Down

Calf Raises, 2×10-20 each
Wrist Curls, 2×10-15 reps each
Foam Roll Legs x 90 seconds each
Cat Stretch x 60 seconds
Sampson Stretch x 60 seconds


Fitness Strength

15 minutes or 2-3 sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squat x 6-8 each leg
Practice Handstands x 90 seconds

*Then take 5 minutes to review and practice C2B Pullups*

Notes: Try to go slightly heavier than you did last week for the split squats. For the handstands, you should first be able to hold yourself inverted for at least 60 seconds before focusing on balance practice. For the pullup practice, take a bit to review the kipping swing, actually getting your chest to the bar and how you will scale for the workout.


Advanced Strength

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 sets), perform your max for the complex:  Hi Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch

Notes: You can drop the bar between reps. Try to work up to around 85% of your one rep max.


Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

Four sets for times of:
Row 250 Meters
12 Thrusters
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes
-20 min cap-

Notes: Prescribed is 95/65, but be sure to scale the weight as needed. New athletes may sub Dbs and perform ring rows or regular pullups as needed to maintain quality movement and high intensity. Each round should feel like a sprint!

Ted sent me this video after the EIE challenge, where his 5 week goal was to accomplish “The whole CrossFit enchilada:  lose 20lbs, first bar muscle up, first ring muscle up, first pistols, first consecutive double unders, handstand walk 25ft.”  He accomplished every…single…one…

So how did he do it?

With 5 performance goals and a body composition goal to reach in 5 weeks, Ted showed what is possible with 100% dedication and commitment to the process.  Here is what he wrote in his goal and action plan sheet:

“Work on this daily. No days off for the whole 5 weeks (on the technique work, that is). Work with Steve Sudell weekly on mobility, form, technique, specific strength. The weight loss will help all of these (turns out that throwing 206 lbs. around is kind of hard unless you’re McCoy)…Current weight: 206, weight goal: 185. No sugar, alcohol, bread or pasta for 5 weeks.”

In those few sentences, he summarized exactly what it takes to achieve your goals.

-Work on your goal every day
-Ask a coach to help with weaknesses, technique and mobility
-Nutrition and excess fat loss are critical to success

So why don’t more people achieve their goals if its so easy?  Well, because its not that easy!  Following that path means you have to change.  Change is hard.  Change means sacrifice.  And change is scary…What if I make the sacrifices and put in the hard work and it still doesn’t work out?  I will have wasted all that energy and missed out on all of those wonderful life experiences for nothing!  What if I make those changes and accomplish my goals, what will my life even be like?  Will I still be able to enjoy the same things that I enjoy now?  Is it worth it? …These are just a few of the many thoughts that could hold you back from that true 100% commitment.

Ted had to sacrifice his barbell work and participating in group class to accomplish these goals, let alone whatever changes he made in his outside of the gym life.  He was able to find success working mostly on his own with our current system of online resources, asking the coaches questions and utilizing open gym and specialty classes.  However, much like our conversation from last week about group class and private training, we recognize that this process works great for people like Ted, but it is not ideal for everyone.

If we want to help more people accomplish their goals, we need to help hold people accountable and support them through this challenging process.  We know that the sacrifice and challenge is worth it and that if we can get you to commit 100%…you will find success!

Watch out for details on these new programs for the New Year in the coming weeks!

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