Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thursday November 27, 2014


Wrist Mobility
Bird Dogs
Plank x60″

Warm Up

Gymnastics Warmup:

2x 5 Arch Ups/ 5 Arch Rocks/ :10 Arch Hold
100′ Bear Crawl
2x 5 Hollow Ups/ 5 Hollow Rocks/ :10 Hold
100′ Travelling Ape
2x 5 Plank leg lifts each leg/ 10 plank straddle hops
100′ Crab Walk
2x 5 Straddle Leg Lifts/5 Straddle-ups

Notes:  For the Bear, ape and crab perform 50′ forward and 50′ backward.  Scale by holding a static version of each position or a Bear Crawl each round.

Cool Down

Work towards your personal goal AND
2×10 Wall Extensions
2×30″ German Hang
2×10 Pike Situps


“Crush Cancer”

3 Rounds for max reps at each station:

Power Cleans
Russian Kettlebell Swings
Shoulder to Overhead
Double Unders

Rest 1 minute

Notes:  This workout is scored and performed just like Fight Gone Bad, feel free to start on any station.  Prescribed is 95/65 for both barbell movements and 53/35 Kbs.  All friends and family with no experience will perform the clean and push press with Dbs and a light Kb.  Scale the double-unders to singles if needed or practice for 60 seconds.

I often see the bear crawl performed with very poor mechanics. This video breaks down the number one problem I see, hip rotation, and how to fix it. Watch the whole video for tips on proper performance of this great stability exercise.

Oh, the holidays! A time to toss caution to the wind and indulge your gluttonous side. Seriously, let loose. Most of you do not need to hear this message, you will eat your heart out anyway. But for those who might feel guilty about their indulgence, or for those out there following a weight loss plan, a strict paleo diet, or some other restrictive protocol you need to remember that there are few days a year that your family and/or friends get together to share a delicious feast. Don’t stress yourself out about whether the stuffing your in-laws brought is paleo-friendly, or if the cranberry sauce has too much sugar for your meal plan. This one meal on one day is the time to indulge in the things you’ve been depriving yourself of in the name of fitness goals. We all need breaks from our routine to remind us that the foods we regularly avoid wont kill us if we eat them on occasion, but that a food coma and a bellyache is one of the reasons we don’t gorge ourselves with pumpkin pie and third helpings of mashed potatoes daily.

This is an important lesson in achieving fitness goals, follow the rules but know when to make exceptions so that you don’t burn yourself out. I encourage (most of) my weight loss clients to occasionally cheat on their meal plan BUT I also want them to make any guilt-inducing indulgence a sacred practice. For example, slowing down with that slice of pumpkin pie and enjoying each (small) bite instead of scarfing it down in 3 whipped-cream topped chomps before going back for a second helping because you already took a sip of water and forgot what the taste and texture experience was like. If you can ritualize the act of spoiling yourself, as we do with holiday meals, the satisfaction you receive will last longer than if you habitually treat yourself to vices AND you will avoid feeling like you are a prisoner of your self-imposed restrictions.

Now stop feasting your eyes on your computer screen and enjoy your Thanksgiving feast 🙂

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