Sunday, November 23, 2014

Join us for the Mustache Dash 5k!  Click HERE to register and see more details.


Keg drill
20 Scapula Push ups
Fire Hydrants, 10 each side/direction


Jog 200 meters
10 T-push ups
10 Light KB Swings
5 per side, KB Push Press
:30 second Handstand or Plank hold

Cool down:

Roll out quads, calves, lats
German hang
Pigeon stretch

Fitness Conditioning:

5 Rounds for time:
Row or Run 1000 meters
30 Burpees
20 Kettlebell Swings
10 Ground to Overhead
-35 min cap-

Notes: Prescribed is a full swing with 70/50 Kb and 115/75 snatces. New athletes should perform russian swings and db clean and jerks. Remember to scale to allow for continual movement.


Advanced – REST DAY!

Mobility and Maintenance:

Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them

Choose 2-3 Lower Body Mobility Drills and spend 10-12 minutes with them

Choose 1-2 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

Nutrition Preparation:

Ensure that you have quality foods prepared in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

Mental Restoration:

Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.

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