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Monday, October 13, 2014


Monster Walks x 10 steps each direction
Sampson Stretch x 60 seconds each leg
Pec Stretch x 30 seconds each side
Wall Extensions x 15 reps


200 meter Jog
2 Rounds:
5 Good Mornings
5 Press
5 Front Squats
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Hang Squat Cleans

Cool Down

Couch Stretch x 60 seconds each leg
Wall Extensions 2×10
Pec Stretch x 30 seconds each side
Pigeon Stretch x 60 seconds each side



20 minutes to perform 3-4 sets of the following:
Max Strict Chinups with 2 second negative
Calf Raises x 10-15 reps each leg with 2 second negative
Pushups x 10-15 reps with 2 second negative

Notes: If you cannot perform a strict chin-up, ideally use a spotter to perform at least 3-4 reps per round. If a spotter is not available, perform ring rows. Stick to the tempo for all the movements, slow down and explode up! If 15 calf raises/pushups are easy, add weight.


15 minute Amrap:
200 meter Run
10 Hang Squat Cleans
10 Dips

Notes: Prescribed weight is 135/95. Newer athletes should use Dbs. Prioritize full range of motion for the dips, scale to bench dips if needed.

The Wodcast Podcast crew came out to record an episode.  Check it out HERE.




20 minutes to find max of the following complex:  Snatch Balance + Hi Hang Snatch + Snatch

Notes: The same as last week! Lets work to a heavier set this week! Snatch Balance will be from the floor, perform a clean and push press to get the bar to your back. You may drop the bar between movements to allow for a proper reset and quality positioning. If you do not have a quality overhead squat position, spend this time practicing overhead squats for triples from a rack.


21-15-9 reps for time
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips
-16 min cap-

Notes: Lets fill in some names on those leader boards!

730am Saturday Morning Competition Crew!

I emailed out last night that I wanted to discuss one of the most common questions we receive, “Should I do the fitness or advanced programming?”  I included a link to our new Programming Guidelines and explained:

  • This is not a mandate and we will not force anyone to change their current programming if they do not meet the standards. Our goal is to provide clarity on what we recommend for how to make progress in the most efficient manner.
  • If you are unable to pass the recommended guidelines, you will find faster improvement by sticking with the recommended programming and working on your weaknesses.
  • Take advantage of our resources and coaching to develop a plan. If you do not know what to do, email me at

With today’s post I wanted to take the time to provide a few specific examples of how this resource might be applied.

Example 1:  This athlete has been a member for about 2 years.  They are well versed in all of the advanced CrossFit movements and particularly enjoy Olympic Lifting.  Their goal is to lose some excess body fat and have been performing the Advanced Programming.  When looking at the guidelines, they cannot perform more than half of the standards.  What should this person do?

For an athlete that is carrying around excess body fat, much of the conditioning and gymnastic standards will be challenging to accomplish so that is where we need to start.  Before we get to which program they should be doing, this athlete needs to take a look at their diet and make sure they are operating at a caloric deficit.  From there, the athlete would have to make a decision, do they want to stay with advanced or move to fitness?  An argument can be made on both sides, but we would recommend switching to the Fitness in the short term.  This would allow the athlete to lose excess bodyfat and increase their gymnastic and conditioning abilities much faster than if they stayed in the advanced programming.  The primary reason for this is the conditioning pieces in the advanced often have heavy weights, complex movements and/or high volume gymnastics.  For an athlete that is lacking those skills, the intensity goes down significantly.  Sure its still hard, but we want to prioritize high intensity above all else in the conditioning.  The Fitness conditioning reps are often kept in the lower ranges with less technical movements or lighter weights and more running, to allows the athlete to push as hard as they can the entire workout.  As for missing the Olympic Lifting, here are a few ways to look at it:

  • Perform the Oly strength days (currently Monday and Wednesday) but still perform the fitness conditioning
  • Attend VBC a couple times a week to work on your strength and technique
  • The prescribed Fitness programming will often note Olympic Lifting, so you will still have a chance to perform the movements
  • This is not forever!  Lets hit those guideline numbers and then get back into the advanced programming!


Example 2:  This athlete wants to train for the sport of CrossFit and is considering performing the full Competition programming.  When looking at the guidelines, they have all the gymnastics and conditioning numbers, but are really far off on the weightlifting strength numbers.  What should they do?

If this athlete wants to be competitive they need to get stronger.  While following the competition training, you will absolutely get stronger, but the question is, “Is this the most efficient path to getting my numbers where they need to be?”  My first recommendation would be to attend and perform the VBC classes and programming until you can hit the majority of those baseline numbers.  The class times may not be ideal, but the coaching and programming are specifically geared towards this exact goal.  Certain athletes might need to focus on building muscle mass, while others need to prioritize mobility and positioning, so working with Mccoy and the other coaches to develop a targeted plan, including nutrition will streamline an athletes success.  If the VBC classes are absolutely not possible, I would still say you should try to attend at least one per week, maybe on Saturday, to ensure that you are performing the movements properly.  Training on your own is ok, but take advantage of our open gym and consistently seek coaching whenever possible.  Another option would be to perform the advanced programming and bias the weights heavier in the conditioning and/or perform supplemental training from the VBC.  Again, the idea is that this is not forever, short term sacrifices pay off big in the long run and you must use the coaches experience to your advantage.


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