Molly Hauge

Friday, September 12, 2014


10 Wall Extensions
Banded Super Rack, 30 sec
Wrist and Calf Stretches


10 Lat Activations
30 sec High Knees (in place)
10 Pushups
30 sec Jumping Jacks
20 Plank Shoulder Taps
30 Sec Squat Jumps
30 Sec Hollow Hold


German Hang, 30 sec
Doorway Stretch, 30 sec
Calf Stretch, 30 sec each
Passive Hang from Bar, 1-2 min



Practice free standing Handstand progressions and Handstand Walking for 10 minutes

Notes:  Review our Handstand progression HERE and our Handstand walking progression HERE.


20 Ground to Overhead
20 Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run
15 Ground to Overhead
15 Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run
10 Ground to Overhead
10 Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run

-20 min cap-

Notes:  More experienced athletes should attempt to perform power snatches with 95/65 and Chest to bar pullups.  New athletes may use a light barbell or dbs and perform power clean and push press.  Sub ring rows for pullups if needed.



Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:
Back Squat x 2 reps

*Sets 1-2 – 55%

*Sets 3-4 – 65%

*Sets 5-6 – 75%

*Sets 7-8 – 80%

*Sets 8-10 – 85%

Notes:  Leave no doubt in your mind that you achieved a below parallel squat!


Three rounds for time of:

10 Bar Muscle-Ups
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
20 Push Press (135/95 lbs)

-20 min cap-

Notes:  Spend a decent amount of time warming up your shoulders and overhead position.   Perform the hardest variation possible that you can maintain a full range of motion. Do not sub kipping HSPU.  You may sub seated Lsit DB presses if needed.  Push Press is from the ground, scale to ensure that you do not jerk the bar.

   If you come to the 7am class at MDR, you will recognize a face that has been a staple for over a year now.  I really wanted to recognize Molly Hauge for the dedication and hard work she puts in at the box.  I am so proud of her progressive growth as an athlete.  Not only is Molly very consistent every week with her workouts, but she is also a very (as I like to call it) ‘coachable’ student. Molly is receptive to all the key concepts being taught in class and keeps an open mind by trying things that may even scare her a bit.  These attributes are just some of the elements I mention to my students to ensure their success. Molly’s willingness to change has translated into improved technique which has lead to new PRs.  She is now doing things that I know she probably thought she could never do.  It seems like Molly is accomplishing a new goal every week due to her positive and upbeat attitude.   Having said that, I wanted to share not only what my experience is having her in class, but what her experience has been thus far being a member at Paradiso Crossfit.  Molly shows a great timeline of experiences and accomplishments in her performance, which correlates to her success in losing weight.  I look forward to seeing even more of her success in the years to come!  Great work Molly!
    I think I always knew I’d like Crossfit, if I gave it the chance. I grew up an athlete. Usually a two or three season athlete while also belonging to a competitive dance troupe for 13 years. When I got out of college, and that normal routine, I didn’t do anything to keep up and got into a rut. In effort to get back into a fitness routine, I tried a number of outlets and actually liked a few but knew there would not be enough variation from day to day to be a solution for the long haul. I missed the team component. And while I’m not competing with others, I feel an obligation to do my best each time I step into the box.
Since joining PCF, I’ve made friends, but more importantly developed a support system that was fulfilling in many of the same ways as being part of a team. It pushed me to work harder. I do not look at other people’s scores, but I do compare my own over time and have really seen a difference in my performance. I’ve moved from having to modify most movements to only having to modify the body weight movements. I am working out at Rx weights and am faster than I’ve been in over 10 years. All of this is due in part to the team of athletes, coaches, and the programming done at PCF. When starting Crossfit at MDR, I was not in a great physical space or mental mindset. This experience has not only brought down my stress levels, but has improved my life in so many other ways.
Since I’m still under my year mark, it’s easy for me to break down my progress and it is as follows:
August 2013 – Start Crossfit (182lbs)
  • Noticed almost immediately that my skin felt better. This was an unexpected, and pleasant surprise even though I did not have bad skin to begin with.
  • No weight loss yet, but could see shifts from fat to muscle and change in the shape of my legs.
  • Lifts were getting better and heavier.
  • 11-12min mile on a good day as running was a struggle for me.
November 2013 – (179lbs)
  • Shift in Nutrition, Protein Cleanse and Nutrition through Isagenix
  • Noticed my sleep patterns changing for the better. More sound and solid sleep.
  • Running was improving
  • Was getting comfortable with gymnastics workouts and handstands
  • Got my first rope climb in December!
January/February 2014 – (163lbs)
  • With 15+ lbs gone in 90 days due to nutrition shifts and workouts, movements and conditioning became much easier.
  • Did not lose any of my strength with weight loss which tells me I was cutting fat, replacing with muscle and becoming more efficient.
  • PR’d on my 5k (32min) and the single mile run (8:36)
  • Lost 4.6% Body Fat since changing nutrition in November.
  • Down 2 sizes
  • EIE Challenge, improved greatly which resulting in winning the challenge.
May/June 2014 – (162lbs)
  • PR’d on Bench Press at 100lbs
  • Made my first attempt at an unbanded kipping pull-up and was closer than I ever thought I’d be
  • Starting consistently linking double unders
I can’t say I’m always exciting to be getting up so early, but once I’m at the gym and see our crew of 7am peeps, I can’t help but feel good about the choices I’ve made and the fitness family I am a part of. Regardless of your fitness level, you can find your place at PCF with people challenging, supporting, and pushing you to be better. I could not ask for a more positive atmosphere to get the old me back and even take my fitness to the next level.

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