5 Year Anniversary!

Limited Class times today:  8:30 and 10am at both locations and 11:30 Beach Workout!

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Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day and 5 year Anniversary of Paradiso CrossFit opening its doors!  Feel free to bring your friends or family today, but make sure you let them know its a special workout.


Ankle Mobility and Stretching
Accumulate 2 minutes of Hanging
Side Plank leg raises x15 each leg
Stiff Legged Windmills x10 each arm
Sampson Stretch x60 sec each leg


Jog 400 meters, then, 15 minutes to review and establish weights and progressions for the workout

Cool Down

Foam Roll and stretch calves
Pigeon Stretch on bench x60 sec each leg
2×10 Wall Extensions
Sampson Stretch x60sec each leg
Accumulate 2 minutes of hanging


Run 2.3 miles
Rest 2 minutes
20 Squat Cleans (135/95)
20 Box jump (24″/20”)
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 plate)
20 Box jump (24″/20”)
135 pound Squat clean, 20 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Run 2.3 miles

Notes: This is a unique and fun workout we have only done once before. The run is prescribed from one gym to the other! The route is down Washington and Abbot Kinney (or vice versa). We will be starting the workout precisely 20 minutes into class at both locations, so you can high five each other on Abbot Kinney! Just like any workout, we can scale this down to anyone’s abilities, by changing the run distance, weights, reps, dumbbells, etc. This is about having fun! Advanced athletes are encouraged to wear a weight vest if they have one.

Bring a Friend Note: Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time for waivers and prehab and starting the warmup on time.

The original gym on Glencoe, September 2009

Our goal has always been simple: Make the world a better place through health and fitness. Some people think this sounds over the top, but it is about thinking long term. We see CrossFit as part of a bigger picture of helping to create a happier and healthier community and world. We believe in the saying think globally, act locally. We believe in the reiterative approach, continually receiving feedback and creating upgrades to our services.

Badger, Dutch, G and Sto attending one of the first classes at MDR just 10 months after opening, August 2010


Venice opens in January 2013

Our biggest challenge has always been satisfying the varying needs of our community and lack of space. From our first little gym (above) to the current MDR location to the addition of Venice, we have focused on creating an environment that will help anyone achieve their goals. In the short term, as the community grows and evolves, we must continue working together to find creative and unique solutions. In the long term, here are a few ideas we have for improving our services:

-Expansion into the shed space at Venice
-Expansion of our adult Gymnastics program to be as widely available as CrossFit classes
-Stand alone Venice Barbell Club gym
-Expansion of the MDR location to allow for improved class experience
-Separate Fitness and Advanced classes instead of two classes happening at once
-The best Competitive CrossFit program in Socal, including specialty coaching support
-More locations!

Through your hard work and dedication to Health and Fitness, you are all changing the world around you. Thank you all for your continued support!

A new tradition is born with the first annual PCF World Championships, October 2013


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