Legless Rope Climb, WAIT L-Seated!?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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:30 Handstand Hold
Lat Activations
Gristle/ Groiners

Warm Up

2 Rounds of:
10 Inch Worms
3 Wall Walks
10 Walking Lunges
1 min plank hold

Cool Down

Cobra Stretch
Door Way Stretch
2 x 10 Hip Extensions



Three sets with 60 seconds rest between movements:
Legless Rope Climb x 15′ or Rope Lower to Stand x 3-5 reps
Side Plank Ups x 7-10 reps each side
Double-Under Practice x 60 seconds


3 Rounds for time of:
25 Med Ball Situps (20/14)
30-50 Shoulder Taps
50′ DB Overhead Walking Lunge
-15 min cap-
Notes: This is a variation of the CF Games workout “Midline March.” Advanced athletes may perform GHD situps, 50′ Handstand Walk and Lunges with 50/35lb dumbbells. If you have never performed GHD situps in a workout, scale both the reps and range of motion. The recommendation for new athletes is to keep your arms across your chest (instead of touching the ground) and only perform 15-20 reps per round. For the shoulder taps, scale by changing the angle of the torso, down to a plank position if needed.



Five sets or 15 minutes:
Narrow-Grip Overhead Squat x 3 reps
Lsit Legless Rope Climb x 15′

Notes: For the OHS, the goal is to set your hands in your jerk-grip position or even narrower, slowly descend and hold the bottom position for 3 full seconds – the priority should be on mobility and movement mechanics, not load used. Try for more than last week! For the rope climb, accumulate 15′, if you can do it in one attempt, do so, if you only make it up 5?

, drop back down and repeat two more times.

Partner Conditioning

Three rounds each for time of:
Row 1000 Meters
20 Burpees Over the bar
20 Push Press (115/75 lbs)
-28 min cap-

Notes: Partner may start once row is completed. This is a repeat workout from 7/1/14, check your notes and compare!

Vintage Boz and Paoli demoing the legless rope climb. I love when Boz says “For competition setting it is probably not appropriate at all….” This video was made in Sept 2011.

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