The Evil Wheel

Swim Night! 730pm- Culver City Plunge

Thursday August 21, 2014


Theraband External Rotation
Lat Activations

Warm Up

2 Rounds:
100′ Low Bear Crawl
10 Bird Dogs (5L/5R)
:30 Plank Hold
10 Scap Pushups

Cool Down

Accumulate 2 minutes hanging or in the bottom of a squat



Three sets with 60 seconds rest between movements:

Bench Press x 8-10 reps

Evil Wheels x 7-10 reps

 Notes:  Use Dbs or barbell for the Bench press and go as heavy as possible.  Stay safe on the Evil wheels by reducing the range of motion as needed.

  Focus on using your lats and engaging your midline! 


Row 500 Meters


3 Rounds:

10 Pushups or Ring Dips
10 Tuckups or Toes to Bar
10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)


Run 400 Meters

-15 min cap-

Notes:  More advanced athletes must perform their dips, t2b and bjs unbroken

The “Evil Wheel” Explained

Advanced – Active Recovery Day!

Ten sets of:

Swim 50 meters @ 50-60% effort

Swim 50 meters @ 80-90% effort

Rest 60 seconds

Mobility and Maintenance:

Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them
Choose 2-3 Lower Body Mobility Drills and spend 10-12 minutes with them
Choose 1-2 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

– AND/OR –

Body work from a licensed body worker (ART, Graston, acupuncture, etc…)

I have been seeing a Rolfer weekly and have seen measurable improvement in the mobility of my structure and quality of movements (like running, airdyne, walking). I highly recommend finding a body worker with knowledge of both myofascia and human movement.

Inflammation Maintenance:

This could be a lot of things, but think in terms of compression, contrast baths, salt baths, castor oil packs, etc….

Don’t forget the role diet plays in inflammation! Drink your fish oil and eat your veggies.

I have also found EMS (electro muscular stimulation) to be quite effective as well.

Nutrition Preparation:

Ensure that you have quality foods prepared in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

A slow cooker is key to making sure you have plenty of good foods (especially meat) convenient with little effort. You can get 7 quart hamilton beach models on amazon for about $35. If you struggle with your nutrition or planning for the week, set up an appointment with me for help.

Mental Restoration:

Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.  

Watch a perfect split jerk today, and emulate it tomorrow

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