Everything Old is New

Monday, July 21, 2014

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Theraband Routine
:30 Pec Stretch, each side
10 Dislocates
Ankle Mobility


Perform with Barbell or Dumbbells
10 Squats (no weight)
10 Stiff Legged Deadlifts
10 Press
10 OH or Front Squats
10 Hang Cleans or Snatches
10 Lat Activations
5 Ring Rows or Strict Pullups

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
:30 Pec Stretch, each side
10 Wall Extensions with PVC
:30 Pigeon Stretch, each side
:30 Couch Stretch, each side



EMOM 8 minutes:
Hang power clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Push press

Notes:  Newer athletes should perform this with Dumbbells. 


Four sets for times:
10 Single-Arm DB Snatch + 2 Lunge Steps w/DB Overhead
10-15 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows
Run 400 Meters
Rest 2 minutes between sets
-30 min cap-

Notes:  The DB snatch will be performed all 5 right, then 5 left.  Scale the DB weight and pullup variation to allow for high intensity and quality movement.  This workout will be scored as 4 different times.



Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Hang Snatch (mid-thigh) + Snatch @ 80-85% of 1-RM Snatch

Notes:  You may drop the bar after the hang and reset for the second snatch.  If this is the first time you have snatched in a while, don’t worry about hitting your percentages.  Focus on good setup, hip contact and speed under the bar.  If you are not able to receive the bar in a full squat, you must perform a hang snatch + snatch + deepest quality overhead squat.


Three rounds for time of:
20 DB Overhead Walking Lunges (40/30 lbs)
15 Pull-Ups
-15 min cap-

Notes: The double overhead walking lunge is a great shoulder mobility test.  Scale to holding in the front rack if needed and work on your mobility before and after class.

Everything comes back around full circle.  We took a break from Olympic Lifting for a few months to focus on building strength with a power lifting cycle.  Now we are working on Olympic Lifting complexes, designed to used that strength and build power, speed, agility, and coordination.  As you review these movements again for the first time, listen to your coaches and focus on hitting Positions 1, 2, and 3 perfectly every time.  Focusing on technique and consistency over total weight on the bar in the short term will equal bigger gains in the long term.  Do not be frustrated or compare the weight today with what you used to do three months ago.  With time you will be hitting your old weights again just like your parents proudly dusting off their original pair of Ray Bans.  Everything old is new.

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