Classic Crossfit Moves | Handstand Technique


This video is a step by step guide on how to do a perfect handstand.

We recommend taking the time to watch this whole video, but here is a quick breakdown of the progression. Don’t skip any steps, practice perfect and you will be doing handstands in no time!

Step 1: Hold yourself inverted for 60 seconds with your feet on the wall (0:50)

Step 2: Learn how to fall (3:39)

Step 3: Hold a handstand for 60 seconds with wrists 3″ from the wall (5:00)

Step 4: Hold a handstand for 30 seconds with full forearm support (6:55)

Step 5: Hold a handstand for 30 seconds with 1/2 forearm support (8:30)

Step 6: Hold a handstand for 30 seconds with no forearm support but starting on the wall (9:16)

SIDE NOTE: Learning to handstand without worrying about the straight body position, this is also helpful for people with poor shoulder mobility (10:20)

Step 7: Learn to kick up to handstand using the wall as a spotter (11:10)

Step 8: Bringing it all together for a free standing handstand! (14:05)

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