Classic Crossfit Moves | Double Unders


Here we have a step by step guide on how to properly learn double unders. We recommend taking the time to watch this whole video, but here is a quick breakdown of the progression. Don’t skip any steps, practice perfect and you will be doing double unders in no time!

Step 1: Find the right jumprope (0:42)

Step 2: Find the right rope length (1:44)

Step 3: Perform 200 single unders unbroken (3:00)

Step 4: Learn the Power Jump (4:15)

Step 5: 50 Double Unders with 3 single jumps between each rep (5:08)

Step 6: 50 Double Unders with 2 single jumps between each rep

Step 7: 50 Double Unders with a single jump between reps (5:50)

Step 8: Consecutive Double Unders! (6:00)

Good Luck and feel free to post your results or email me at

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