Femme Royal Competition


Paradisa’s get ready, Femme Royal is back! Saturday, June 7th Femme Royale is teaming up with CrossFit RXD in Anaheim, California. The Femme Royale competitions are perfect for women of all ages and fitness abilities through the use of two categories of competition: the RX Division and the Fun (Scaled) Division.  

An example of the differences between the two divisions is with pull-ups; many women would like to compete but struggle with stringing together multiple sets of unassisted pull-ups.  RX Division has the standard of unassisted pull-ups – like kipping or butterfly pull-upsFun Division allows for banded or jumping pull-ups (depending on workout design) great for those women who still struggle with unassisted pull-upS

1 Day
2 Ladies
3 Team Style Workouts

Register NOW! http://www.eventbrite.com/e/femme-royale-womens-competition-tickets-11112093571

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