Facing Weaknesses

Friday, June 6, 2014


Row 500M
Posterior Band Floss
Rev Snow Angels
GHD Back Extensions


10 Samson Walking Lunges
5 Bar Taps
10 Ring Rows
10 Plank to Downdog Calf Stretch
10 Shoulder Bridges

Classic Strength:

Deadlift 3×5 – Rest 90 seconds
Pendlay Row 3×5 (As heavy as possible) – Rest 90 seconds

 Notes:  You will perform your Deadlifts first, then the rows separately. Ideal position will be nose and toes facing the wall.    This is the same work being performed as the Advanced strength, except without percentages.  This is designed for the newer athlete that does not have a true 1 rep max, but we still want you to keep track of these numbers because you will be repeating them over the coming weeks  Perform 2 warmup sets and then add weight each set as needed.   

Advanced Strength:

Wendler Cycle 2, Week 3:

Deadlift: 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+
Pendlay Row 3×5 (Heavier than last time) – Rest 90 seconds

 Notes:  Percentages are based off 90% of adjusted 1 RM. When you see 1+, that means you do the max reps you can manage with that weight, with the goal of setting a rep record in each workout.  Perform a few warm up sets before getting into your working sets.  Keep rest intervals around 2 minutes.


 15 min AMRAP:
“Up ladder” of: 
5-10-15-20-25-30… Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
20 Double Unders between every set of wall balls.


Calf Stretch, 30 sec
Samson Stretch, 30 sec
Straddle Stretch, 1 min


Many times we are faced with problems and issues that we don’t want to deal with.  But in reality we know that those problems are not going to go away unless dealt with.  I have realized this and have decided to dedicate myself during the whole month of June to doing my Prehab work daily.  It was not too long ago that I saw Steve who gave me a full evaluation and comprehensive assessment.  He had nailed down the areas of weakness that I had and then gave me the remedy to fix these issues.  But I, like most people, put the exercises off until my problems started to interfere.  You see, I much rather try to snatch 125lbs than to go through these basic strength exercises which make me sweat more than any workout I’ve ever done.  And not to mention make me want to cry.  But it’s a new month, and I felt like it was time to take on a new challenge.   So I am going to grit my teeth and take on that dreaded green theraband and half pound weights to help develop what I know are my weaknesses.  I no longer can deny the fact that I have been compensating by using my larger muscles to overcome the lack of  strength and flexibility in my smaller ones.  This has led me to poor movement patterns which in turn has created instability and pain.  I find this to be true in everyday life as well.  We all have weakness and they can be found in many areas.  But it is up to us to fix them before they become that link that can no longer be overlooked.  We must face them head on and embrace the process of self improvement.  

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