Make your own: Amazing Vinaigrettes.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gymnastics Club! 7pm in Venice


Posterior chain floss
Super rack stretch with band
Fire Hydrants
10 Wall extensions


20 Jumping Jacks
10 Burpees
10 Pike Sit ups
10 Jumping Squats
10 Bar taps + 5 Pull ups


Tabata “Bottom to Bottom Squats”

Notes: 8 rounds, 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF of bottom of the squat. This is an active bottom position. Standing up is ‘rest’.


AMRAP 40 minutes:
200 meter Farmer carry (50/35)
400 meter run
15 Power cleans (95/65)
10 Thrusters (95/65)
5 Bar Muscle ups

Notes: Scale weight to keep rest to a minimum. Perform “jumping bar muscle ups” as needed or scale to burpee pull-ups.

Cool down:

10 Jefferson Curls
Samson stretch
Calf stretch

I pack my lunch for work everyday & make my own fresh-from-scratch vinaigrettes every morning. 
Sounds impressive right?!?!
Its not. 

Its super easy! Heres how and what you’ll need:

3 parts oil : 1 part acid

What you’ll need-

  • large mixing bowl 
  • whisk
  • oil (whatever oil tickles your fancy. most commonly used for vinaigrettes olive oil.)
  • your choice of acid (aka vinegar)
  • salt & pepper to taste

…RE: The Acid.
 The acid is the ingredient that packs the biggest punch in a vinaigrette. There are a wide variety of vinegars  you could use. Everything from balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar,  port vinegars,  white wine vinegars … can change the flavor profile of the dressing. However,  an acid is not limited to a vinegar, also any citrus! Citrus fruits, such as orange, grapefruit,  lemon and lime. & there there are those acids that give a salad an asian twist! Soy sauce/Tamari (which is gluten free and better quality ingredients).

Regular boring salads can be transformed into a gourmet delight in just a matter of minutes. Plus consider the benefits of using a dressing made from fresh ingredients, by YOU- where you have all the control of what goes in it, vs. a store bough dressing with all kinds of crap in it.
Plus, whisking is cool. 

This is my current favorite, give it a try! 

Tamari Vinaigrette: 
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 tablespoon Tamari


Side notes: No salt necessary, because Tamari (Soy sauce) is salty on its own. I personally prefer a 2:1 ratio for oil to acid. Adjust the ratio to your liking once you experiment with consistency, flavor, etc.  I love this vinaigrette with a salad of thinly sliced kale and red cabbage. Add some toasted sesame seeds- and those fancy asian restaurants got nothing on your salad 😉




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