Day 1 Regionals: World Record Snatch

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Closed today and tomorrow!  Come on out and support the team at Regionals!

Classes held on Monday at 8, 9, and 10am in MDR only!

Day 1 of regionals in the books. And no surprise, we did what we do best…lift. Our very own James McCoy tied current crossfit games WORLD record snatch of 295lbs. Yes I said 295lbs. Thats more than most people’s deadlifts and he threw is over his head. To put in perspective, that’s 15 pounds more than any individual competitor (including Rich Froning, Ben Smith), and we only got 2 attempts, they got 3! As a team, up to this point we would have accumulated the 3rd highest total weight in THE WORLD. The energy out on the floor was amazing. By far the most stressful event of the weekend because if you miss both attempts, your team is done. But everyone performed extremely well under the pressure of the big stage. For those of you coming Saturday and Sunday, your going to have a blast. And for the rest of you still on the fence, you don’t know what your missing so get your butt down here and enjoy the party!


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