SoCal Regionals is HERE!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Track Night at 7pm at SamoHiSign up HERE!

Reminder to get your meat orders in by Friday!  Click HERE for how this works!


Wrist DROM
:30 Handstand Hold
Prone Snow Angels

Warm Up:

10 Situps
10 Scap Pushups
10 T-PushUps
10 Ring Rows
10 Supermans

Gymnastic Strength:

4 rounds for quality:
:30 sec Straight Body Back Hold
:30 sec Straight Body Front Hold
3 Wall Walks + 15 second handstand hold
5 Xiaopeng Forward (each side)

Notes: The holds will be performed with head, shoulders, and feet supported on boxes while you maintain a rigid midline. 


For reps and quality:
5 rounds of:
1 minute Chest to bar pull-ups
1 minute Handstand push ups
1 minute Rope climbs
1 minute Target Burpees (12 inches above max reach)

Notes: Clock continues to run the entire 20 minutes. Sub with regular pull ups and rope lowers as needed.  For handstand push ups, use feet on box progression or perform shoulder taps.

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch 1 min/side
Banded Lat Stretch 1 min/side
Sampson Stretch 1 min/side


The 2014 CrossFit SoCal Regional starts this Friday, May 23rd and is guaranteed to be an action-packed weekend full of fun and amazing performances. Our team, PCF Venice has been hard at work, strategizing and practicing those wods until perfect just to impress all of you! If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, do not delay!! Admission for the whole weekend (3 full days of competition) is only $50 or $20 per day.

The format of the SoCal Regional is a little different than in years past, instead of intertwining the teams and individuals throughout the day, the team competition will be each morning followed by the individuals in the afternoon. To ensure our team gets the proper support and the largest cheering section at Regionals, it would be great to have you all in the stands gathering together by 9:00 each morning and stick around until noon to watch them battle it out quick style. We know that not everyone will be able to get away from work on Friday or only make it for one day, but we greatly appreciate any cheering support we can get!

PCFVenice Team Schedule

Event 1: 9:40-10:00
Event 2&3: 11:00-11:20

Event 4&5: 9:48-10:12
Event 6: 11:25-11:50

Event 7: 9:50-10:15
Event 8: 11:20-11:40

CrossFit events are not your normal sporting event. The 12-hour days are packed and it could be hot in the sun, so bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. We also recommend packing an extra layer in case it gets cool at night. Most importantly, don’t forget your PCF shirts! Remember, you will need shirts for all three days. We have new 2014 Regionals shirts available and plenty of the oldies (but goodies) to sell before the weekend. Be proud of your box and rep it!

Hydration and keeping cool is going to be a big factor in how much you enjoy the weekend. We recommend that you pack refillable bottles and try to fill them with WATER! Pack some cash, but don’t worry about running out. Most vendors and concessions will take credit cards and there are ATMs at the Fairgrounds.

Your first stop when arriving at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is to make your way over to Tent City and find our tent. We will have several tents set up to shade us from the hot SoCal sun, but please remember to bring your own folding chair. You may leave your chair at the tent overnight, but we recommend you carry your bags and any valuables back with you. Regionals will allow you to carry in coolers containing your favorite food and drink (alcohol is permitted), but don’t worry, there will be plenty of good Paleo food to buy from vendors as well!

For any other information, people will be constantly updating the Facebook group, retitled as 2014 PCF Games (incl. Regionals!) Crew. Don’t be afraid to jump in as a member to get the updates on crowd positioning, lane assignments, time adjustments, meet up spots and of course check out all the crazy photos!

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