Perform The Prehab with Perfect Form

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Prone Snow angels x20
Side Planks 2×30″
Bird Dogs 2×10

Warm up:

2 rounds:
5 Pull ups
10 KBS
15 Goblet Squats


4X1 minutes Rack Hold with Double KB’s -Heaviest Possible – Rest 1 minute


5 minutes Max effort KB Snatch (53/35)

Notes: May switch arms as needed.  Resting on floor not permitted.

 Partner Conditioning:

 “My Pet Rock”

Each team will select one KB (70/53) that cannot be put down for the entire piece.

4 Rounds for time:

 500 meter Row
10 Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps
20 Abmat Sit-ups
200 Meter Sprint

 -25 minute cap

 Notes: One person works at a time while their partner holds a KB any way they would like, as long as it is not touching the floor. Rotate between movements. This means each person will perform each movement twice. Each time the KB touches the ground the team will stop the workout and perform 10 burpees as a pair.

Cool Down:

Accumulate 20 Strict T2B
Accumulate 30 weighted hip extensions
Couch Stretch x60″
Cobra Stretch x60″
Foam Roll T-spine x2min

I had a discussion with Diso this morning with the topic of: how do we keep our athletes healthier? As a physical therapist, what things jump out at me over the last year that I feel our athletes can do to reduce injury? What do we need to change/add/remove from the prehab/warm up/cool downs? My answer was simple. Form. We need to be a much better job performing the prehab and cool down exercises, properly and with a purpose. The recipe is there, but there is a huge difference between doing the exercises and performing them the way they were intended.

For example, I almost always critique members on their wall extensions. So many times I see arms flailing, low backs arching, hands coming off the wall. It really is just a waste of time if you are doing them like this.  The purpose of the exercise is to increase the strength, endurance, and neuromuscular control of the posterior deltoids, mid and low traps, cervical extensors, transverse abdominus, and etc. Basically it helps you achieve symetry with your overhead position which will improve your strength and decrease your chance of injury. So to teach this exercise as if you have never done it before, start with your feet 6″ off the wall, tighten your abs so that there is no space between your back and the wall, place your arms at 90/90 with your wrists and elbows flat against the wall. Once you achieve this position, slowly raise your arms as straight as you can overhead, constantly driving your arms into the wall. Once you achieve full flexion, lower your arms back down and try to tuck your elbows into your back pockets as you fight to keep your wrists on the wall. 

You still with me? 

As you can see, I really want you to pay more attention to the specifics of each prehab exercise, and I promise you, you will notice a difference. In the meantime, we will continue to do our part, providing you with the best resources to keep you healthy and continuing to achieve the highest level of fitness possible.



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