Tactical Weapons Training/Combat Shooting Day

Back by popular demand! 🙂 We’re heading back out to Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa! Two years in a row, big group of PCFers spent the day shooting away under the guidance of our very own San Arli and the awesome American Defense Enterprises Team. We had a blast, learned a ton and everyone survived! 🙂

American Defense Enterprises trains everyone from U.S. Navy, SEALS, State Department personnel, Marine Direct Action Teams, Diplomatic Security Service personnel, Mercenaries, Police Officers, S.W.A.T. and foreign dignitaries to stuntmen, movie starts and Victoria’s Secret Models. Their instructors provide motion capture for video games such as “James Bond” and “Call of Duty”. Now these same experienced Special Ops and Law Enforcement Instructors will teach you the fundamental firearms skills necessary should a lethal confrontation arise.

What to expect:

This is a fast-paced LIVE FIRE combat course that takes beginning shooters from the basics up through the defensive use of the handgun. Advanced shooters will be trained at higher speeds with a greater emphasis on tactics.

***Came to the last PCF shooting day? Great! Everyone who trained with AED in the past will be trained at higher level. ***

All training will include the following:

* Marksmanship – hitting your target fast and accurately

* Holster Presentations and After-Engagement Actions

* Controlled pairs – dramatically increasing follow-up shots and rate of fire

* Shooting from the “ready position” (the most used combat position)

* Tactical reloading and emergency reloading

* Shooting on The Move – against single and multiple adversaries

* House Cleaning Ops – shooting your way through the police and military shoothouse


Cost: $150 (includes all equipment and ammo)

Date and time: Sunday – 4/27 from  10:30am  to 2pm. RSVP in comments or email martina@paradisocrossfit.com!



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