Clearing the Air

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


PVC Dislocates
Prone Snow Angels
Wrist Stretches

Warm Up:

2 min DU
Lat Activations: 5 narrow, 5 normal, 5 wide grip
10 Scap Push Ups
50′ Bear Crawl
10 Broad Jumps

Classic Gymnastic Skill/Strength:

Alternating on the Minute for 10 Minutes:

Even:  5 Wall Walks
Odd:   10/8 Chest to Bar or Regular Pullups

Notes:  The standards for the wall walks will be to only allow your toes to touch the wall and walk up to touch your nose.  Do not allow any other part of your body to touch the wall.  For the pullups, focus on keeping your midline tight through your swing.  Focus on one good rep at a time and break up the set as needed.  10/8 stands for men/women.  As always, feel free to scale down the reps and/or range of motion as needed to focus on quality.

Advanced Gymnastics Skill/Strength:

On the Minute for 10 Minutes:

Even:  50′ Handstand Walk
Odd:  5/3 bar muscle-ups

Notes:  Use the wall HS walking progression to practice if needed.  For the muscle-ups focus on a tight midline during the swing. 5/3 stands for men/women.


10 Rounds for time:
100 meter sprint
10 Burpees over Parallette
10 DB Snatch, alternating (50/35)
-20 min cap-

Notes:  The burpees should be performed like a bar facing, not lateral.  Scale down the burpee/DB reps to try and make the time cap, that means if your rounds are taking longer than 2:00, scale down!

Cool Down:

1 min Pike Stretch
1 min Banded Lat Stretch
1 min Hollow Hold

Inside your home is often just as polluted as the air outside. If you have allergies or asthma the importance of having clean air inside your home is huge to preventing any kind of illness.

Keeping the air inside your house clean requires knowing the types of pollutants that exist so as to prevent and filter properly.

Particulate matter is microscopic particles which float in the air, such as dust pollen, animal dander and molds. Then there is gaseous particles produced by paints, varnishes, cleaning products and stoves. Now, completely preventing and or clearing the air is not possible but you can take some basic steps to eliminating unwanted particle guests. Obviously as workout addicts we know not to smoke and especially inside, also make sure to ventilate your home by opening windows and using fans when possible.

Vacuum often, especially if you have furry pets and try to use a vacuum with a micro filtration bag. Make sure your appliances like your oven and dryer are vented properly and cleaned regularly and keep cleaning products, solvents and glues stored outside. Lastly you can buy a portable electronic room air cleaner or mechanical filter that have technology to purify. Taking at least one or several of these steps will help alleviate symptoms from allergies and asthma and puts you one more step in the direction of health!

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