Beach Ninja WOD



Always wanted to learn how to swing on rings or learn cool ninja moves? Love the beach?? Perfect!

Saturday, April 19th Travis Brewer will be covering the basics of parkour / animal flow / and calisthenics outside at Venice Muscle Beach! Learn to swing on the rings, do wall climbs and vaults with an American Ninja Warrior. We will start off with animal flow warm up and stretch, followed by skill training in parkour such as balance work and vaults. Then we will cover the basics in calisthenic work on the bars and rings. We will finish up with a good old fashion muscle beach Calisthenics Ninja WOD.

 We’ll be leaving from the Venice gym and run /bike down to Venice Muscle Beach (less than a mile run) or you can meet up with us at the rings/ropes area in the sand behind the outdoor Muscle Beach gym. Optional – bring gloves to swing on bars. 
Be sure to reserve the class as it has a strict 15 person cap!!

Travis Brewer is a leading athlete in the sport, as well as a friend and neighbor of PCF Venice.  Travis recently won the Battle of the Bars at the LA Fitness Expo, starred in the American Ninja Warrior and the Tim Ferris Project teaching parkour.  Travis’ mission is to harness and spread positive energy through primal movement, educating others and helping develop fitness parks across the country. 

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